Reasons To Invest In SEO Professionals

Reasons To Invest In SEO Professionals

This means creating a well planned SEO strategy to guarantee top rankings in major search engines such as Google or Bing. On the contrary, nobody will ever see your website if it’s buried low in the search results and this can be a major problem for your marketing strategy.

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Ryan is GM & VP Operations at Uber (formerly UberCab). Ryan was the companies first CEO and helped in raising Uber’s first venture round of financing from First Round Capital & Lowercase Capital + a swath of Silicon Valley’s top Angel investors. Uber Technologies Inc. is changing on-demand transportation by building a world class consumber brand, and a core focus on logistics technology. The Uber experience captures the luxury of a private driver and transforms it into an on-demand service for the masses.

Previously, at GE Healthcare, Ryan worked in a wide variety of roles through the IMLP management training program. As the Life Sciences eCommerce Project Manager, Ryan deployed a platform to sell consumable drugs on the web that drove over $40 million annually revenue. As IT Finance Simplification Leader and then Business Systems Analyst, Ryan initiated LEAN efforts and developed the security model for a major PeopleSoft implementation.

Ryan’s first startup, SocialDreamium LLC, was a peer-to-peer analytics product that worked to assist community managers with inbound marketing efforts. Ryan self funded SocialDreamium through a series of consulting projects. SocialDreamium was shut down in Sept. 09′. After SocialDreamium, and squeezed between GE & Uber, Ryan interned for Foursquare on business development & community efforts. Ryan has thrived in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, through a combination of hustle, emotional intelligence, & street smarts.