Ryan is GM & VP Operations at Uber (formerly UberCab). Ryan was the companies first CEO and helped in raising Uber’s first venture round of financing from First Round Capital & Lowercase Capital + a swath of Silicon Valley’s top Angel investors. Uber Technologies Inc. is changing on-demand transportation by building a world class consumber brand, and a core focus on logistics technology. The Uber experience captures the luxury of a private driver and transforms it into an on-demand service for the masses.

Previously, at GE Healthcare, Ryan worked in a wide variety of roles through the IMLP management training program. As the Life Sciences eCommerce Project Manager, Ryan deployed a platform to sell consumable drugs on the web that drove over $40 million annually revenue. As IT Finance Simplification Leader and then Business Systems Analyst, Ryan initiated LEAN efforts and developed the security model for a major PeopleSoft implementation.

Ryan’s first startup, SocialDreamium LLC, was a peer-to-peer analytics product that worked to assist community managers with inbound marketing efforts. Ryan self funded SocialDreamium through a series of consulting projects. SocialDreamium was shut down in Sept. 09′. After SocialDreamium, and squeezed between GE & Uber, Ryan interned for Foursquare on business development & community efforts. Ryan has thrived in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, through a combination of hustle, emotional intelligence, & street smarts.

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