I try not to apply the term “game-changer” to many things. It’s kind of a boy who cried wolf situation with that term, however, this is something that I was super impressed by that I think shows big players, in this case Comcast, can actually innovate and come up with something cool.

Xfinity, a Comcast brand has created an iPad app to power your TV. The kicker that makes this REALLY cool is the social aspect built in. Watch the demo for the details but the gist is that if you’re diggin something you’re watching it’s one button to invite your friends to watch that instantly! Very cool.

If I were HotPotato I’d be all over this and how people bring together conversations around real time events. For example HotPotato could driver the conversations, within this application via an API. Could be powerful.
What do you think, game changer or weak attempt at social for a giant company that will eventually suck?

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