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February 2010 – Current


Uber (formerly UberCab) is a new transportation system being deployed around the world. Our motto is Everyone’s Private Driver… with a touch of a button you get an on-demand car in just minutes. We’ve launched in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, DC, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris and will be expanding through Europe and Asia in 2012. As the companies first CEO, and now our GM & VP Operations, I’m focused on scaling our business in the US and internationally. 

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Dec 09′- Feb 10′ (Intern)


The guys at Foursquare gave me the great opportunity to help them out in developing their community and empowering them in business development to acquire specials from bars & restaurants. During my 3 months I was responsible for 70+ venue promotions and kicking off a series of Foursquare Street-ups (meetups) from as far north as Minneapolis, as far south as New Orleans, and internationally in Dublin, Ireland.



2008-2010 (Program Manager)


Within GE Healthcare I was a part of the Information Management Leadership Program that gave me the opportunity to work in a wide variety of roles ranging from contract negotiations to serving as a database admin. I worked within GE’s largest e-commerce business, GE LifeSciences, as well as the Global IT function, and also worked with the Heathcare IT business on a major ERP implementation as a project manager. I had the opportunity to travel to Shanghai, China to receive training in SixSigma and LEAN principles.

2008-2009 (Founder, CEO)

SocialDreamium was my first entrepreneurial venture. Financed by “social media” consulting gigs, we developed a product that would help community managers better understand their communities and the social leverage possible from those communities. Although SocialDreamium wasn’t ultimately successful I’ll always reference the experiences I had starting my first company, recruiting a technical co-founder, and developing my first product.

2006-2007 (Consultant)

This was probably the best first job anybody could have. Working in management consulting was the perfect wake up to the real world. With long hours and an incredible amount of exposure to Sr. level managers I learned some of my most valuable business lessons from the Partner I worked for, Andy Hopkins. This job was my first exposure to anything IT learning SQL and writing a reporting dashboard for SVP’s at a major insurance company in Chicago.

2005 (Analyst/Intern)

As an intern at UBS I worked directly for the VP of Investments/Institutional broker for Union Bank of Ca. I mostly worked on client portfolio advisory and designed and built a CRM tool for his accounts (Access DB). It was a great lesson in getting the job done regardless of the resources available.

2002-2006 (Student/Economics)

My time in Oxford, OH was some of the best years of my life. I chose Miami because I wanted to get away from home and experience a different type of people in a different part of the world, and I still focus on the importance of experience today. I studied economics and honestly chose the major because it was supposed to be the most difficult business major, it was. As a third-gen Miami grad, it hold a special place in my heart, not to mention that fact that 5 years later I became a Miami merger, meaning I married another Miami grad.


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